Thursday, 30 November 2006

Rubber Duck Psi

An odd little assortment for you here, Richard.
You know that the 'Peter Pans' were not allowed to remember and that the 'Wendys' had to tell them stories, to enable them to regain their memories and you did entrust me to remember everything for you...well, here are a few more photos to jog your memory:
The dresses of the 'mothers of darkness' - Modern Imperial Hotel (you could also visit the 'Peace' Hotel in Shanghai - one of the British Empire's snake routes - the Sephardim or should one say Baghdad Jews, ran the opium trade there for them.)
Mind control 'tree programming' - remember the pine tree mountain forest in Ein Kerem? You were not allowed to climb over a fallen tree trunk and therefore you never completed the task...
The P2 Jesuitical St John in the Desert Monastery where we were tricked into our first 'taste' of cannibalism. The High Priests of Rome (pagans with Babylonian roots) usurped the burgeoning early Christian/Catholic faith and instituted themselves as rulers of this new world religion.
The 'Illuminati' isle (that was 'Palau' wasn't it?) The roots of the various branches are planted in this soil. Remember the beach, turtles, parthenon building where they worshipped?
The 'dunking pool' (Priory of Sion - Ein Kerem): remember the 'washing' i.e. water torture? The 'Gihon Spring' which was called 'riding the snake'...through Hezekiah's tunnel? Remember the 'rabbit hole' you had to climb down to get there? Charles Warren (a venerable Englishman dug it and Lewis Carroll immortalised his find in fiction) built it.
The worship of the volcano and the underground water springs - the Illuminati pagan belief system, rooted in human sacrifice and something even more terrrible than that...the creation of 'golems' and not ordinary 'robotic creatures' but 'super-golems'...'Sons of G-d'.
Water torture to the point of death forces most people to OBE...this 'splits' the mind...if done repeatedly - hence the more modern form of this procedure i.e. MI6 carousel - you are put in an electric chair on a carousel which spins until the mind cannot focus...then electrocuted. Easiest way to make a person OBE.
Ever seen the early Churches in Jerusalem? Many of them e.g. the Holy Sepulchre, have ancient torture chambers - minature churches. Easily recognisable by their domes, under which a person is tortured upon a stone slab to OBE into another 'dimension'. If they survive, they 'come back' with heightened PSI. This was then manipulated by British Intelligence, who used their unwitting victims/recruits to experiment with time and space travel.
British Intelligence claimed that St John was the true 'magus' who used water torture on Jesus, his best recruit, to create an early 'superman'. I kid you not. This is what we were taught in Jerusalem. Cast your mind back to 1980...return and visit the sites.